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Wedding planning

One of the most important days in a person's life is approaching. We all mentally review each of the moments trying to imagine how they will happen and we cannot help feeling a mixture of nerves, emotion and illusion.

Each wedding is a world of its own, and of course the one you plan for your clients will be very important for you, as it will be full of unique moments that you will want to last forever, so SHOW4U provides you with all the necessary components so that the music and the entertainment on such a special day is unique and unforgettable.

If you have a wedding or your company is a wedding planner, let us create a magical environment with fantastic special effects where music and entertainment are a key factor.

With many years of experience in these events SHOW4U has specialized professionals who will select with you the best songs for weddings to enjoy and dance on this special day. We have the best wedding DJ's, bands and the most outstanding musical groups to make that long-awaited day a magical and unforgettable day. SHOW4U will give the wedding a magic touch in the most anticipated moment for the couple.

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Music and live entertainment

We have a specialized professional team that guarantees that your guests enjoy this important day at ease and in addition to providing you entertainment and live music.

SHOW4u offers you a careful choice of artists who will bring fun and elegance to your wedding day based on your favorite musical tastes and styles of favorite songs and artists. A day your guests will talk about for years to come.

Both in the ceremony, the welcome cocktail, the dinner and the party, music plays an important role in making this special moment unforgettable. Let us help you to ensure that no detail is missing and that the organization of this stage of your wedding is not a concern for you. Our team of professionals will give you that peace of mind that the music of your wedding will be unforgettable.

SHOW4U will give that magical touch that makes your wedding stand out!!!

The first dance

One of the most important things to keep in mind if you want to enjoy a perfect wedding dance is to choose well which of your wedding songs has a special meaning as you are the star of this moment, depending on your preferences and your personal history. The first dance must be special, it is the moment when for the first time, husband and wife, do their first dance in a unique moment!

SHOW4U will provide you with the possibility to make that moment unforgettable and that your guests will remember forever.

What do we offer you so that you first dance is unique and unforgettable?

Dancing on the Clouds

We can supply the perfect effect that will make your first dance one that your guests will remember for many years to come, our beautiful effect, Dancing on the Clouds.

You will feel that you are living in a dream, dancing in heaven and among the clouds.

This is a fantastic photo opportunity which will amaze your guests and keep them talking for years to come. Our “Dancing on the Clouds” effect is mainly suited for your first dance and creates the same effect that you will see on popular TV programs such as X-Factor and a host of music videos. Dancing on the clouds can also be used for dramatic entrances or corporate events. Dancing on the Clouds is a special effect created by using a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. It is totally safe, odorless and harmless and will not leave any residue or affect fire alarms. The cloud is created using real dry ice, not low lying fog fluid or ice cubes. Our dry ice machine is one of the best on the market. Our clouds last for the duration of your song, the effect will be talked about all evening but the memories of you Dancing on the Clouds will last a lifetime. Why not book our Dancing on the clouds as a package with our indoor cold fireworks for the real wow factor.

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Love letters

Complete your venue by adding the wow factor to your wedding. With our giant love letters, you can light up your evening venue or ceremony room.

Our DMX Spark Light Machine - Cold Sparkler Fireworks - Stage Fountain Spark Machine for wedding parties. As seen on main tv-shows giving the wow factor. 100% safe with special granules so safe you can even touch the sparks

Video and photography

We have our own video and photography department. Call us to find out about our wedding packages.

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Sound and lighting

We also offer you sound and lighting with a high quality sound and lighting package, led by our technicians.

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